Relaxing in Krakow in the end of November

Krakow is a very beautiful city to visit at any point through the year. Regardless whether this is your first or tenth time in this marvelous Polish city, at a certain moment you might be fed up with sightseeing, tired of shopping and clubbing and all the noise and will search for a quiet place to relax and unwind. Now, that’s where I come in suggesting several such places in Krakow, which are really lovely.

The first place that deserves to be mentioned here is the Bulwary Wistane or when translated into English, the Vistula Boulevard, set along the river Vistula and right next to the Wawel Castle in Stare Miasto district. During the summer months this place is very popular with people who love to go on picnics right on the grass or to ride a bike or rollerblades. In winter, however, the Bulwary Wistane is also charming and great for walking along the riverside. In summer there is also a beach bar on the other side of the river featuring a sandy beach with sunshades and deck-chairs. The place is very beautiful when there is fresh snow and sunny weather and one could take some really nice photos.

Another similar area for relaxation is Blonia park, which is a large grass field. The curiosity here is that the place is only ten minutes away from the heart of the city and the main market. The place is great for outdoor activities like running, juggling, exercising and biking, but also for dating and walks. In the winter season there is also an ice-skating rink. Besides that, here are often organised various cultural events like festivals and concerts, screenings and matches, but these usually happen in the warmer months of the year.

There is also a new passage over the river Vistula, which is open only for bicycles and pedestrians and this is Kladka Bernatka. This passage connects the Jewish district Kazimierz with the Podgorze district and is located between two of the main bridges in Krakow. The bridge is great for walking safely to the other side of the river and is becoming quite popular.

Now, if you want to be more active, there is this MKS Krakow Ice Rink at Hala Targowa in Stare Miasto. A good tip is to avoid the later sessions and try to go to the ice rink earlier, when there are not that many people. The evenings are rather packed with people and as you know usually the winter evenings are better spent in a cosy and warm home with a cup of hot milk in your hand or mulled wine, if you prefer. Skate rental is available for a fee and so is blade sharpening. There are also many lockers when one can leave the bags. The ice rink at Hala Targowa is located approximately ten minutes away from the Main Square in Krakow and is home to the city’s hockey team.

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