Krakow nights in November

It is cold outside, so the best way to spend your evenings in the city of Krakow is with friends, exploring the pubs and night clubs of this wonderful city. There are a few nice places that one should try in Krakow and they include Ptasiek Club, where different jam sessions are being organised on Wednesdays, right in front of a nice fireplace. The club is located in the Jewish district and has a very cosy and pleasant atmosphere. Here, one can listen to jazz, dance until the morning and enjoy some great drinks and cocktails. At Ptasiek Club are also organised slide shows, which are focused on travelling and also different instrumental concerts. The place is good both during the summer season and the winter season. For the long summer nights there is a garden outside the club, while for the cold winter nights there is a fireplace inside where one can enjoy a cup of hot wine.


Another place with excellent reputation is Piekny pies spot, which has its regular visitors but accepts new ones as well. The atmosphere is joyful and friendly and the place is a meeting point for many of the Krakow artists. The music played inside is very good. Actually, the place has two bars, two halls and thus – two types of music playing at the same time. The music here is always great to listen to. Besides being a regular club, Piekny pies is also a venue for various concerts, screenings and exhibitions and meetings. The club is located in Stare Miasto, on Slawkowska Street and is open for as long as there are customers.


Those visitors who love French culture, music and atmosphere should try the French café Les Couleurs, which is located in the Jewish district. The café is authentic with French magazines and signs and the music is also typically French. Now the place is available only indoors, but in summer there is an outside sitting area where people can enjoy their coffee while watching the lovely architecture that surrounds them.


Another great pub to mention here is Zaraz wracam Tu, which is a small and cosy bar with a friendly atmosphere and comfortable interior. The place is open for as long as there are customers and is also part of the Jewish district Kazimierz. The Zaraz wracam Tu bar serves many different shots, which come with quite interesting and creative names.


The next place to mention has the reputation of being a kind of an underground spot. Its name is Kawiarnia Naukowa and it is placed on Jakuba Street in the Jewish District of Krakow. The club is open every day while there are customers and is famous for its various activities promoting feminism and human rights, vegetarianism, independent associations, newly formed music bands, etc. The place hosts various discussions, concerts and exhibitions, usually associated with the problems that concern the modern world and the young generation.

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