Krakow: go green, eat healthy food

Krakow city has its wonderful spots for relaxation. Among them is the Krakowski Tramwaj Wodny, which is an interesting way to see this wonderful Polish city from the water. This water tram works only in the summer and it is a kind of traditions. The locals try to focus the attention of the travelers and visitors of the city to the river and to create many recreations zones around. Actually, people love to come on the streets and boulevards near the Vistula river and that is why this kind of transport might turn into a great way to explore the city of Krakow ad its beauties. The Krakowski Tramwaj Wodny is far from being the fastest way of getting from one point to another, and it is also not cheap, but this is a great way to enjoy the city panorama from the water and to have some relaxing moments here that you will remember. There are two lines to choose from, one connecting Galeria Kazimierz to ul. Flisacka and the other one connecting ul. Flisacka (Zwierzyniec) to the Tyniec monastery (Debniki). On Mondays only the organized tourists groups use the Krakowski Tramwaj Wodny. The water tram works from ten until six o’clock for line 1 and until seven o’clock for line 2.

Another interesting way to spend your day while in the city of Krakow, is to visit the Botanic Garden, which is located in Grzegorzki District. This is one of the oldest parks in the city, which belongs to the Jagiellonian University. Since year 1976, this park is also considered one of the monuments in Krakow. The visitors will find here lovely trees and dense bushes. It should be pointed out that one part of the Botanic Garden is arranged as a park and the other one as thematic zones. For example, you can see a Japanese Garden and a North America Garden, as well as zone with trees that have colored leaves and zone with magnolias. Inside the area there is also a Botanical Museum and Tropical House, Mountains House, etc. This place is really adorable and a great spot for relaxing. It is open every day but on Fridays from April until October. The admission fee is absolutely affordable.

Being close to nature always makes me hungry and if it is the same with you, you can check a place famous for its Polish cuisine. This restaurant is located in Stare Miasto district and it is called “Wesele”. It works every day from midday until late in the evening and it offers delicious meals. Note that if you want to go there in the evening or during the weekends, most probably you will need a reservation in advance. The restaurant is beautifully decorated, the atmosphere is lively and the food is very tasty. The wine list is extensive, while the service is excellent. The place is not cheap, but it is absolutely worth it.

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