Four dining spots in Krakow to consider

As you have already planned your holiday in Krakow and have arranged the transportation and the holiday accommodation there, may be you are wondering which are the good places that you can dine at. Like any tourist city, Krakow has plenty of restaurants, bars and fast-food eateries and you can also always buy products and prepare a meal in the kitchen of your vacation flat in Krakow. But if you want to try something different and to enjoy good time out without being broke, then you can try the four special places that I have selected below.

The first restaurant that I recommend is called “Genji Premium Sushi” and it is situated in Kazimierz district. As the name suggests one can get great sushi here for lunch and dinner. The restaurant works every day and it is not cheap, but since you do not eat sushi every day and since you are on a well-deserved holiday, you can treat yourself with a nice dinner. The atmosphere and the décor here will make you feel as if you are in Asia, everything is cozy and pleasant, the tables are small, the atmosphere is intimate and there is even a room with the traditional low table with tatami mats that you have seen on the movies. The food served here is fresh and tasty, but you have expected that, right?

Another good place to dine is the restaurant “Polakowski”, which offers traditional Polish dishes. It is located in the district of Kazimierz and is open all day every day. The meals are quite tasty and they are not expensive. The atmosphere is home-like, the meals are of various kind and the service is excellent, but  may be you will have to wait a bit if you happen to come here when the place is busy, which is around noon. If you do like pizza however, you should better head towards “Pizzeria Cyklop” in Stare Miasto area near the Main Square, which is open every day for lunch and for dinner. The pizza made here is very tasty and comes in different flavors, but always crispy. It is always hot and fresh. The spot is cozy and the service is very good, so you will definitely like the place.

If you however need a nice place to have a coffee, a light meal or a drink or two, then you can go to a placed called “Nowa Prowincja”, also placed in Stare Miasto district. This place works only on weekends, it has a friendly and peaceful atmosphere and fantastic kitchen. You will see here people having a beer or two, or friends catching up over a cup of hot coffee and a slice of cake. Some people come to work here, and others come to read a book. It is definitely a place to relax, the music is soothing and there is a zone that will be open outside, so just check this place and you will not be sorry.

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