Cozy bars to have a drink at in Krakow

I love to go to Krakow. Every time I plan a trip to this lovely city I make two things that never change – I book a serviced holiday apartment and I check new bars. The last time I was there a week ago I did the same. The bars I checked were excellent and I had great time there, so I wish to present them here. The first place I went two is called Nowa Prowincja and it is located In Stare Miasto area, open every day from early in the morning until midnight. This is an interesting bar where you can go to see old friends or to have a drink quietly and watch the world go by. The place is welcoming and has that special atmosphere that reminds you of home. The interior is made up of wooden tables and many clocks, which further adds to its charm. You will see here people working on their laptops, friends drinking coffee and eating cake, old buddies drinking beer or strangers reading books. The bar plays a quiet and relaxing music and has a gallery.
Photos of Nowa Prowincja, Krakow
This photo of Nowa Prowincja

The second place I found while in Krakow this month is the Eton bar and coffee house, located in Stare Miasto district, which works every day but on Sundays. The place is not quite lovely in terms of the interior, but has a good choice of books to read while enjoying a great meal. The place is full of regular clients most of them being students and young people, but you will find a place, even if a new visitor. The lunch meal is quite rich and very tasty, not to mention that it is really cheap. The third place that I visited is a small restaurant called Mieta, which is also located in Stare Miasto District, which opens in the morning until 11 o’clock in the evening. The bar has been recently renovated and now has a pleasant and quite spacious interior that makes you want to stay and enjoy the dish. All the meals are prepared from fresh ingredients and come in big portions. The beverages are very good as well, especially the home-made lemonade, which is a must try.Poznan Photos
This photo of Poznan

The place I liked most is called Singer and this is a nice bar situated in the famous district of Kazimierz. The opening hours are from 9 o’clock in the morning until there are clients, which is good as you have freedom to stay as long as you like the atmosphere. The place has a specific atmosphere and could be either quiet with a few clients or very crowded with many people on the dance floor. The interior is arranged with old photographs and beautiful paintings, as well as with dark curtains and many candles and the music played is usually jazz, as well as music from the 1920’s. The atmosphere is very relaxing. You will not find many tourists here, but if you are able to blend with the crowd, you will feel in a very pleasant way.


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